White Pomeranian

If you look at any white Pomeranian, you’ll fall in love right away. As soon as you see him, you’ll want to bend down, pick him up, and hold him for the end of his life.

Before we talk more about white Pomeranians, let’s look at the different kinds of Pomeranians and the colors they come in.

What is a Pomeranian?

The Pomeranian also called a “Pom,” is a type of Spitz dog named after the Pomerania region in northwestern Poland and northeastern Germany. Since the 18th century, several imperial owners have helped spread the word about this breed. Queen Victoria had a small Pomeranian, and because of this, small Pomeranians became popular everywhere. Only during Queen Victoria’s reign, did the size of the breed shrink by half. The Pomeranian is indeed a strong, healthy dog as a whole.

Different kinds of Pomeranians

  • Standard Pomeranian
  • Fox-Face Pomeranian
  • Teddy-Bear Pomeranian
  • Pomeranian Mixes
  • Pomeranian baby doll
  • Teacup Pomeranians
  • Pomeranian Husky

Different Colors of Pomeranians

Pomeranians are a great breed that comes in more colors and patterns than any other dog. In this article, I go into detail about all the colors a Pomeranian can be and how their genes affect those colors.

  • Orange Pomeranian
  • Cream Pomeranian
  • Orange Sable Pomeranian
  • White Pomeranian
  • Black Pomeranian
  • Wolf Pomeranian Sable
  • Parti-Color Pomeranian

What is the loveliest color for a Pomeranian?

The white color is one of the most noticeable things about a Pomeranian, and it’s hard to say no to such a cute, fluffy ball of happiness.

White Pomeranian puppies generally have fluffy coats that are as white as ice and cute faces with brilliant, dark black eyes that look like almonds. Who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with one of these adorable Pom puppies?

What is a White Pomeranian?

The White Pomeranian is a Spitz dog, and the Japanese Spitz is often mistaken for it. But they are a Pomeranian, just one that is all white. These friendly, sweet-natured dogs make great companions and lapdogs, and their small size and cuteness make it hard not to love them.

These pups are smart and friendly, and they need a big-personality owner to match. Check out the information below to learn more about this fascinating breed and decide if it might be right for you.

·      Origins of the White Pomeranian

Some people might think that a white Pomeranian is an albino Pomeranian, but that is not true. The first Pomeranians were usually white or sometimes even black. Orange didn’t become so popular until Queen Victoria wore an orange, Pom. So, this is one of the most popular colors that fans breed.

Most likely, a true white Pomeranian is the result of careful breeding over many generations.

·      Appearance Of Pomeranian

People have said that the White Pomeranian looks a lot like a fox. They have dark eyes and tiny ears that stand up straight. Their tails are long and they are strong. Their fur makes a ruff around their neck, which can make them look a little bit like lions.

The average Pomeranian weighs between 3 and 7 pounds and is between 6-7 inches high. Their thick fur, on the other hand, can make them appear larger than they are.

·      Coat Of Pomeranian

These dogs have a short, thick undercoat and longer, thicker hair on top to keep them warm and dry. Because they shed all year long, these dogs are not good pets for people with allergies. They also have two big blowouts a year when they shed a lot, so you might want to buy a good vacuum cleaner.

·      Color Of Pomeranian

The White Pomeranian has a white coat, which is not a big surprise. The breed standard says that their coats have to be pure white, like snow. Off-white, beige, or cream coats are not allowed

·      Food And Diet Of Pomeranian

The White Pomeranian doesn’t eat very much because it is so small. Based on their weight, they only need 60 to 120 calories of food per day, which is about 1/2 to 1 cup of food. You should give them three meals every day.

·      Temperament Of Pomeranian

People often say that Pomeranians have the same personalities as their owners. If you are outgoing and confident, so will your Pomeranian. If you are calm and quiet, though, your Pomeranian could be a kinder dog. No matter how they act, these dogs love their owners and always want to be by their sides.

These dogs think it’s their job to keep you safe and will bark if they think something is wrong.

·      Lifespan Of Pomeranian

The White Pomeranian can live between 12 and 16 years on average, which is longer than most dogs.

·      Two different kinds  of white Pomeranians

Pomeranian owners and people who breed Poms need to know that there are two kinds of white Poms.

  1. White Pomeranian dogs that are bred from particolored dogs will always be particolored dogs, even if the patches are so small that you can’t see them and the dog looks like a white Pomeranian.
  2. The other type of white Pomeranian dog is a very pale cream-colored Pomeranian. Because of this important fact about Pomeranians, it is very hard to find a good breeder of white Pomeranians.

·      Price of White Pomeranian Puppies

A true white Pomeranian puppy will cost between $4000 and more than that. When they are the same age and quality, a white Pomeranian puppy usually costs more than an orange Pomeranian puppy.

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