Many people don’t know the differences between German shepherd single coat vs double coat. By the end of this post, you will know how to tell the difference between a German shepherd single-coated dog and a double-coated dog. You will find out later how important a shepherd’s coat is and how to keep it in good shape.

What is a German shepherd?

German Shepherds are without a doubt the greatest and also most loyal dogs on the planet. One thing that makes these dogs stand out is that they have long, shiny coats and double-coated German shepherds.

German Shepherds are famous all over the world for their beautiful thick coats.

These gorgeous coats are easy to spot and are getting more and more attention in the world of dogs. Black and tan is the most popular and well-known color for German Shepherds. Still, you can find German shepherd dog breeds with a variety of other coat colors.

German shepherd single coat vs double coat

German Shepherd Dogs can have either a single coat or a double coat.

1.   Single Coated Dogs

Single-coated dogs get their name from the fact that they only have one coat of fur to protect them. Most of the time, they are short-haired dogs without a soft undercoat. Because these dogs don’t have a second coat, they can’t live in places where it’s cold.

German shepherd dogs with one coat or dogs with smooth coats do well in show-line activities.

2.   Double Coated Dogs

For dogs with two layers of fur, called double-coated breeds, the undercoat is made up of short hairs, and the top coat, or guard hair, is made up of long hairs.

Dogs with two coats shed a lot more than dogs with just one coat.

Do German Shepherds have a single coat or two?

What do you think? German shepherds either have one coat or two.

The answer to the question above is that German shepherds have two layers of fur. But it is common to find German shepherd dogs with only one coat. Some kennel clubs don’t consider single-coated shepherds to be real German shepherd dogs because they are thought to have genetic flaws.

  • German shepherd dogs with only one coat can’t live in cold places because they don’t have a second coat or an undercoat to warm them up.
  • The German shepherd dog with two coats has two layers of protection. The topcoat, also called the guard coat, has rough, wiry hairs that protect the dog from things like dirt and water. It’s more of a protective coat on the outside.
  • The inner coat, also called the undercoat, has thick, fluffy hairs that keep the shepherd warm and save energy.
  • German shepherd dogs with two coats are good because they can live in both hot and cold places. In this way, the double coats work to keep the warmth in during cold weather.
  • Also, when it’s too warm, both coats reflect the sun to keep the dog from getting too hot.
  • As you’ll see, all of these coats can be worn both in the winter and in the summer.
  • But the extra coats cause another problem, which is that they shed. So, you’ll need to brush your double-coated shepherd’s fur often.

Color of the German shepherd’s coat

You may be knowledgeable about the black shepherd dogs with tan markings, but there are other colors of German shepherd dogs as well.

The breed standards for this dog say that some coat colors are okay, while others are considered a flaw.

·      Tan and black

One of the colors that everyone thinks of when they think of a GSD. This was the color of the well-known GSD Rin Tin Tin.

The back of these dogs is black from head to tail, and they have tan markings on their chest legs, and back legs.

·      Red and black German shepherd

These German shepherd dogs look much like black and tan ones, but instead of the ten spots, they have red ones.

·      German shepherd with two colors

Usually a different kind of black and tan. German shepherd dogs that are both black and brown or tan have fragments of brown or tan on their feet.

·      German Shepherds in white

The fur on these dogs is all white. Because of this genetic defect, the original color of the shepherd is often hidden by white spots. Also, most well-known kennel clubs think that white German shepherds are a bad breed.

·      German Shepherds with coats of sable

These German shepherd dogs have different-colored fur. Each hair has a different color, but most of them are black at the tips. Most of the German shepherds with sable fur look like wolves.


We try to give pet lovers the most up-to-date and useful information in a fair way. We hope this will help you to differentiate German shepherd single coat from double coat.

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