German Shepherd Dog Breed Information 

Some breeds of German shepherd dogs have a strong hold on people’s hearts and stay there for a long German Shepherds time. They are always in the top ten of the list of most famous ad beautiful dogs. One of these favorites is the brave and strong German Shepherd Dog. German shepherd is 2nd and most common type of dog in the United States for the past ten years. It has been in the top 10 common types for decades.

History German Shepherds

Back in 1899, Captain Max von Stephanitz as well as other breeders in Germany started the breed. Using only the best dogs, they made a breed that is known for being confident, smart, loyal, and brave. Plus, the German shepherd’s sharp ears and muscular body make it easy to recognize. Each German shepherd owner knows how special the relationship is between this dog and its owner. What more could you want from such a great breed?

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The 5 Different Kinds of German Shepherds

The breed standard says that German Shepherds can only have medium or long hair, but the coat colors can be different. But some color variations aren’t allowed to compete, and others are considered flaws that can change how the score is calculated.

Keep in mind that major dog organizations do not accept and recognize all different kinds of German shepherd.

Here are different types of German Shepherds:

1.   Black German shepherd

There aren’t many black German Shepherds. Only about 6% of all German Shepherds have all-black coats. Breed standards allow the black color, so German Shepherds with black coats can compete in dog shows just like any other Shepherd.

Despite what most people think, these dogs? Black German Shepherds are just as healthy as “traditional” German shepherd even though they are black.

Sometimes, black German Shepherds have clues of powdered blue in their fur. Even though this doesn’t happen very often, these dogs aren’t black, so they may end up losing some points in contests because of their color.

2.   White German shepherd

White German Shepherd is a kind of German shepherd that is raised in the United States. The white-coated German Shepherds are pretty rare, but they have a thick, fluffy coat and a striking look.

Even though the white color comes from a genetic abnormality, it doesn’t cause any health problems and shouldn’t be confused with albinism. Remember these white German shepherds are not recognized in dog shows, but they are still be great pets for families.

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3.   German shepherd Panda

A Panda German Shepherd is also an important type of German shepherd. This type is not very common among all. People often mistake them for other dog breeds because of how strange and striking they look. Due to a change in their genes, they are a different color, but they are still German Shepherds and not a mix. The change happened in a letter from the United States. This form of German shepherd has a white coat on its belly and legs and black or tan fur on some other parts, giving it a panda-like look.

4.   German shepherd, Sable

Sable German Shepherds have such a unique color to their fur, but they are also very common. The main reason for this is that the sable coat color is the most common among German shepherd breeds.

It is called the agouti coat pattern. A sable pattern means that each hair on a German shepherd has two or so more bands of color

5.   A German shepherd with a saddle coat

The Ride a horse by far, the most popular type of German shepherd is a shepherd. They will also have two colors. The most common combination is black and tan, but some will be black and red.

Dogs with this type of coat sequence would have a large saddle-shaped black patch of fur on their backs. But many people are calling this the “blanket” pattern because it looks like a black blanket was put over a dog’s back.

6.   Long Haired German Shepherds

Kind German Shepherds are related to Long-Haired German Shepherds.

They are very calm and friendly than the average German shepherd dogs. They don’t want to work as much as a normal German shepherd and would much rather hang out with their people than work.

These furry balls of happiness are very sweet and will always be loyal to you. Because of their long fur people want to have this breed.

Follow these five essential tips if you want to buy a German shepherd puppy

Think about what you’ll do with puppy before you buy a German shepherd puppy, you should. Will you confirm it for him? Do you want to do Schutzhund or herding with him? Or would you like a friend who is brave and aware?

When you buy a German shepherd puppy, keep these things in mind.

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·      Pick a female or male German shepherd according to your choice

Once you know which line of German shepherd puppy you desire, you can choose the puppy’s gender. Every sex has its unique traits, which affect how they’ll survive and grow with you.

This choice is based on what people want. With the right training and upbringing, both sexes make good friends and are good with kids.

·      Choose the length and color of your coat

After you’ve decided on the sex and quality of your new friend, think about the length and color of the coat you want for your German shepherd puppy.

Some breeders and groups only deal with dogs with a certain color and length of coat.

·      Know how to tell the good breeders from the bad ones to stay safe

It is important to take your time when you are going to choose a German shepherd puppy. Great breeders would like you to be pleased with your German shepherd puppy and make sure you’re a good match.

  • They sell healthy puppies
  • Answer your questions
  • Want you to come back more than once


Spend time taking care of their health as a whole to get the finest results and help you and your dog be happy for the rest of your lives. Remember that your puppy needs intellectual stimulation to keep its brain alert, a gentle exercise plan, and love and affection every day.

Getting a German shepherd puppy is a decision you will live with for the rest of your life. It will bring you many years of happiness and fun.

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