Chihuahua is a very small dog of a smooth-haired large-eyed breed originating in Mexico. There are several types of Chihuahua like, long haired Chihuahua, teacup Chihuahua, apple head Chihuahua, deer head Chihuahua and Chihuahua mix. The average lifespan of Chihuahua is about 12 to 20 years.


An enormous dog with a little dog body, the Chihuahua is a toy breed with a super frightening and, surprisingly, greater character. This little dog resembles a little magnet, drawing in numerous admirers with their unimposing height, energetic eyes and expressive ears. In any case, while the Chihuahua breed is warm and joined to their people, they can respond forcefully when they fear outsiders, so legitimate socialization and preparing is an unquestionable necessity. Equal parts sassy and cute, these tiny sized puppies make wonderful companions for first-time and experienced parents alike.

Alongside the Boxer, Schipperke, and Standard Schnauzer, the Chihuahua was perceived by the AKC in 1904 and is its 54th variety. The variety gets its name from the Mexican province of Chihuahua, where the most seasoned examples of the variety were found.

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TemperamentCharming, graceful, slut
Length5-8 inches
WeightNo more than 6 pounds
Life expectancy14-16 years

Apple Head Chihuahua

Head apples are called Chihuahuas because of their domed head shape – it looks almost exactly like an apple! As a result of this shape, they have more unmistakable eyes than different Chihuahuas, more limited noses, and more modest bodies.

Their legs additionally will quite often be more limited and “more limited.”

Sadly, because of the rearing techniques utilized before, this kind of canine can foster hydrocephalus, or hydrocephalus. Assuming that you are searching for an apple-headed Chihuahua, it is ideal to verify whether this condition happens at home.

Deer head Chihuahua

Contrasted with the apple Chihuahua’s head, the deer Chihuahua’s head has an exceptionally restricted front, longer nose, and longer legs.

Not at all like the apple head Chihuahua, isn’t the head of the Chihuahua deer permitted into canine shows because of the size and state of its head. The round head shape is famous in the show ring.

Deer head Chihuahuas are classified “deer-headed” in view of the state of their heads, enormous bruised eyes, and (frequently) earthy colored tone.

With these features, she looks like a baby deer.

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Teacup Chihuahua

The teacup or mini Chihuahua is a small Chihuahua of its own kind, measuring just 6 inches long and 3 pounds.

In the meantime, the typical Chihuahua will in general weigh around 4 pounds, however typically something like 6 pounds.

Chihuahuas are the littlest canine variety in the world; however they have the biggest mind to-body proportion of some other species.

As a result of its little size, this is an exceptionally delicate canine.

A few normal issues include:

  • Hypoglycemia: Extremely low glucose can prompt side effects like quakes, shortcoming, and seizures.
  • Unhealthy weight: Small canines have a quicker digestion, which requires more incessant taking care of. Regular eating with practically zero activity can prompt unhealthy weight gain.
  • Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE): According to certain investigations, youthful canines are more prone to creating hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. The specific reason for HGE is obscure, yet it is in many cases described by ridiculous looseness of the bowels or retching, dormancy, and an absence of hunger.
  • Osteoporosis: Teacups have bones that are smaller and more brittle than other dogs of their size, which makes them prone to fractures.
  • Accident prone: Teacup canines are additionally bound to be stomped all over, sitting on or dropped in light of the fact that they are so little. Assuming that you have kids, teacup canines may not be appropriate.

Only one out of every odd teacup canine will experience these medical conditions, however these are likely dangers.

Long hair Chihuahua

This Chihuahua is similar in weight, size, and body type to a Chihuahua’s short hair. Chihuahua’s long hair, delicate and silky touch and good looks make the Chihuahua a unique breed with a special look. They need seriously prepping.

Chihuahua Mixes

Just two sorts of Chihuahua are known by breed norms and are acknowledged in canine show rings all over the planet.

In spite of this, Chihuahua mixes actually stand apart from different Chihuahuas with their remarkable attributes.


Hairless Chihuahua

It is a little, loving and beguiling canine that has a character and construct like the customary Chihuahua, yet its primary element is the shortfall of hair. The level at shrivels is somewhere in the range of 15 and 25 cm, and the weight is somewhere in the range of 2 and 4 kg.

Its body is minimized areas of strength for and, than its level. It is exceptionally lithe and quick, strolls with its head and tail extremely high and its ears erect.

Terrier Chihuahua

It is one of the terrier breeds and Mexican Chihuahua. While Chihuahuas are little canines that are reared fundamentally for friendship, terriers are canines utilized for working rootstocks and game hunting.

Their tendency and disposition rely to a great extent upon their folks’ characters, the conduct preparing those gets, and how much they are instructed to interface with individuals and different canines. Taken together, this hybrid dog is very athletic and active.

Chiweenie Chihuahua

This is known as a definitive Chihuahua Dachshund assortment and is exceptionally famous and cherished by most canine proprietors. It’s a superb decision for anybody searching for a guardian however isn’t excessively huge.

Pal dogs and toy breeds are reproduced with a normal Lifespan of 13 to 16 years. They regularly weigh 5-10 pounds and normal 8-12 creeps in level. They come in various varieties, including dark, brown, gold, and, surprisingly, diverse coats.

Chiller Chihuahua

The ‘chiller’ is a small, long cross between a Mexican Chihuahua and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are known for a portion of their particular qualities, for example, their inconceivably enormous, swelling eyes, their hanging ears like a spaniel, or their erect ears like a Chihuahua.


We have Yorkshire and Chihuahua blended to make the lovable Chorkie. Chorkies come from two of the most small scale breeds, so chorkies will generally remain on from eight to ten pounds. Regardless of their little size, these canines include a ton of energy inside their little bodies. Chorkies are one of the most well-known creator canine varieties.


Do Chihuahuas Make Good Pets for the Family?

Depends on the family, Chihuahuas might be little, yet they are canines, they have basic physical processes, they are not pets, and they are certainly not toys. The majority of Chihuahuas worry about young children because they instinctively seem to realize that they are weak. If parents realize their responsibilities to both the baby and the Chihuahua, they can coexist happily.

Are Chihuahuas great house dogs?

Indeed, they will typically tell you when somebody is near. They are normally careful about outsiders, yet they are exceptionally splendid and on the off chance that you train them appropriately, they will know when to quiet down.

Chihuahua needs exercise?

Although they’ll gain tremendous pleasure from picnics on the lead, and plenty of new sights and smells, ripping around the park will provide enough exercise. Fresh air and sunlight always come in handy, but you can’t use Chi as an excuse to take an overnight trip to the local area!

How might I take care of my Chihuahua?

A decent adjusted diet, numerous Chihuahuas clean whenever given milk. A bowl of delicate clean water is an unquestionable requirement. Something to bite helps clean the teeth, and there is a wide assortment of bread rolls and bites to look over. Your chi will likely be his number one. Never give poultry or bunny bones on the grounds that these splinters are incredibly risky. Control is fundamental while giving endowments and prizes. The sweet stuff rots the teeth and can make your dog gain a lot of weight which is detrimental to his health. Eating liver in overabundance can prompt the runs. At the point when the stool doesn’t remain together, the butt-centric organs are not exhausted, and this prompts contamination and butt-centric ulcers.

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